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What is the best shampoo for dry hair? 3 top tips for 3 degrees of dryness

Everyone can experience dry hair sometimes. Dryness can occur for a number of reasons, like heat styling, frequent brushing, even the weather in the form of UV damage. Your natural hair type also plays a role. Whatever the reason, it’s vital to find the right moisturising *shampoo for dry hair* for you.

What is the best shampoo for dry hair? 3 top tips for 3 degrees of dryness

Shampoos formulated for dry hair can be broken down into 3 categories:
Light hydration shampoo for dry hair
Moisture-rich shampoo for very dry hair
Intense strengthening shampoo for damaged hair

Light hydration shampoo: the best for dry hair
There are plenty of *shampoos for dry hair* out there, but if your hair just needs a little boost of hydration then you’ll want a product with a lighter consistency that doesn’t weigh it down or make your hair feel flat. Opt for something that will help replenish your hair’s natural shine while strengthening and repairing the hair shaft to keep brittleness at bay. Give your hair some extra love and reach for Garnier’s Ultimate Blends the sleek restorer coconut oil coco butter shampoo to put the bounce back into fragile hair.

Moisture-rich shampoo formulas: the best for very dry hair
Very dry hair craves moisture-rich formulas using targeted ingredients, such as coconut oil, that penetrate deep into hair. This is where your hair type can come into play. Hair that coils is particularly prone to breakage because of its dense, tight curl pattern and twisted microscopic structure. It needs a product that locks in moisture, leaving your tresses soft and your curls defined. Both Ultra Doux Avocado Oil and Shea Butter and Ultimate Blends the nourishing repairer avocado and shea butter shampoo will gently cleanse your curls, help smooth split ends, bring a lasting shine and moisturise parched locks. 
Intense strengthening shampoo: the best for damaged hair
Frequent blow-drying and subsequent brushing can be a little bit hard on your tresses, leaving them damaged, dry and brittle. Breathing new life into straw-like strands can feel like an uphill struggle, but there are *moisturising shampoos* out there that are specially designed to soften and strengthen hair so that it is much easier to manage. Garnier’s Ultimate Blends the strength restorer honey treasures shampoo boasts an expert and intensely nourishing formula that will leave your hair feeling stronger and more resilient.