Get a beautiful, bold look with blonde hair dye from Garnier. From ice white and ash blonde to golden and honey hues, there are so many shades of blonde hair colour to choose from. Each comes with an nourishing conditioner, enriched with natural ingredients to help care for your hair while reviving its colour. Choose from permanent or semi-permanent to banish greys and leave hair feeling soft and supple.


Icy Blonde hair

Looking for a cool new blonde? Here’s how to get icy blonde hair at home

When you think of ultra-blonde hair, the colour you’re probably thinking of is platinum: a warmer shade with yellowish or golden undertones. Platinum has been the go-to colour for women looking to go white blonde for decades, from ‘50s star Marilyn Monroe to today’s style icons like Gwen Stefani. Platinum hair is a modern-day icon. But what if you’ve already tried platinum and you want a new blonde look? Or you’re going blonde for the first time and want that silvery finish? Say hello to the new kid on the block: *icy blonde hair*. This cool colour is an ultra-light blonde with silvery undertones which offers a fresh alternative to platinum. *Ice blonde vs platinum blonde?* You decide!

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Healthy hair, haircare tips

Cool contrast: 4 top colour and haircare tips for olive-skinned women with blonde hair

Blonde hair is not just reserved for light-skinned women. Those with olive skin are choosing lighter shades to complement their golden tones. So many women of all races hear how difficult it is to lighten their locks, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a fabulous experience. It’s all about knowing the facts before you jump in. Read on to reap those sweet blonde rewards!

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Curly blonde hair, healthy hair

Using permanent hair colour to dye your tresses doesn’t need to damage your hair!

Have you ever wondered what kind of effect your *permanent hair colour* might be having on your luscious locks? The good news is that these days, there are ways to keep your coloured hair healthy and strong. So, it’s easier than ever to experiment with that platinum blonde, chestnut brown or even pastel pink shade you’ve been wanting to try! 

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