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For the second year running we have conducted our One Green Step report, revealing the geographical and generational differences in sustainable behaviours. This report takes in the opinions of  29,000 people across 9 different countries aged 6-60+. 

The data reveals that whereas 83% of people want to be more sustainable, only 5% consider themselves as already acting sustainably and only 30% are ready to take action for the planet now. 

So, in response, we have teamed up with NGO Plastic for Change, to encourage people to share One Green Step, aiming to create a snowball effect of environmental action. Each share triggers further funding to Plastics for Change all with the aim of collecting and recycling up to 2 million plastic bottles. 

The more you share, the more we recycle. 
If we all take green steps together, we can go further!
Help us recycle 2 million bottles.


Garnier One Green Step for 2022

Easy Green Steps We Can All Take

  • Save water: Take shorter showers, avoid taking baths, decrease the water temperature, close the tap while washing your hands or brushing your teeth, use non rinse or fast rinse beauty formulas
  • Reduce waste: switch to zero plastic waste packaging like solid care, prioritize the use of packaging made of recycled materials, use refillable products, reusable water bottles, use tote or paper craft bags
  • Sort your waste: get your local sorting / recycling instructions
  • Save energy: unplug electronic devices, turn off the light when leaving a room
  • Buy responsibly: Look for second hand products