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Say goodbye to your brittle hair with this hair care routine

When your hair is fragile, it becomes brittle and prone to breakage, and can look and feel damaged. But the good news is that by following a few simple hair care steps, you can battle brittleness and rejuvenate your locks. Below we show you a hair care routine so you can say goodbye to brittle hair

Say goodbye to your brittle hair with this hair care routine

Step 1: Cleanse
Not every shampoo will suit your hair type. Start with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to revive and strengthen your type of hair. Garnier’s Ultimate Blends the strength restorer honey treasures shampoo and conditioner are formulated with a rich blend of honey, royal jelly and propolis to deeply nourish strands, repairing fragile hair. If you have naturally dry hair that has become very brittle, opt for a shampoo and conditioner which is adapted to your hair care needs.

For severely damaged hair, we recommend cleansing with products from the Ultimate Blends the nourishing repairer avocado shea butter range. These have been specially formulated to repair very dry and damaged hair. Remember to wash your hair with temperature lukewarm or cool water.

Step 2: Be gentle with wet hair
Your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet! After washing, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid any tugging. Opt for a gentle micro-fibre towel to squeeze out the excess water.

 Step 3: Use a fortifying hair serum
Oils and serums provide defence against the elements. Use a light serum after washing your hair. Ultimate Blends the strength restorer honey treasures serum can help to mend split ends and deeply moisturise brittle hair strands.  

Step 4: Cool off
Heat is a major cause of poor hair health. Avoid using heated hair styling tools when possible. If you have to fire up the curling wand, keep it on the lowest heat setting, and make sure you use a protective spray before adding heat to your hair. 

Step 5: Use a weekly intensive treatment
Using a hair mask once a week can dramatically nourish dry, brittle hair. Garnier’s Ultimate Blends the strength restorer honey treasures mask will leave hair feeling soft and smooth.

Step 6: Keep UV rays at bay
Repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays, even in winter, can cause harm. Protect it with a sun protection spray or leave-in conditioner, and wrap your hair up in a hat or scarf. 

Don’t forget that good hair care starts at the root. Encourage skin cell rejuvenation and a healthy scalp by massaging it when you wash hair and apply leave-in masks. Consistent care along with a good diet will provide your hair with vitality and silky shine. 

Now that you know what to do, it’s goodbye to brittle hair!