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How to find the right conditioner for your hair? Discover our step-by-step guide

Looking at the shelves in the shops, it can feel a little dizzying: there are so many conditioners to choose from! So it’s not surprising that it can be tricky to find the *best conditioner for your hair*. Your locks are as unique as you are, and understanding their specific needs can help you to find the perfect match

How to find the right conditioner for your hair? Discover our step-by-step guide

Moisture for curly or dry hair
Lightweight nourishment for fine hair
Protection and hydration for coloured hair

How to choose the best conditioner for your hair type?

Step 1: Find out what your hair type is
Sometimes, this might be as simple as looking in the mirror: if you have curly hair, you’ll notice right away! And if you’re always on the lookout for a new shade to try, you’ll be better off looking for a conditioner specially made for coloured hair.

Step 2: Understand what this means for your conditioner needs
Long, curly, thick hair can act like a sponge for moisture, so it needs plenty of hydration. If you tend to have delicate, fine hair, stay away from very rich, heavy moisturising conditioners and pick one with strengthening and fortifying actions that won’t weigh down your hair. Those with coloured hair may want to give their hair a little extra love and attention – it needs protection and nourishment to repair damage.

Step 3: Find a conditioner that’s tailored to your hair type
If your locks are curly or dry, look for a deeply *moisturising conditioner* like Ultimate Blends the nourishing repairer avocado and shea butter conditioner. This multi-usage conditioner and nourishes your hair without weighing it down. For fine hair, try the luxurious natural blend of Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat conditioner. Its lightweight, gentle formula leaves you with soft, silky hair. To keep your coloured hair vibrant, Ultimate Blends the colour illuminator cranberry and argan conditioner can be used as a daily conditioner to revive and protect radiance.

Why do you need to use a conditioner?

Our hair gets exposed to a lot in a day, and not all of it is good. Styling, lifestyle choices and environmental issues can all impact our hair’s lustre. Using a hair conditioner is a great way to replace the moisture and repair the damaged structure caused by daily stresses. Cutting down on harmful elements is highly recommended, too. 

Now you know what to look for, choosing a conditioner doesn’t need to be a head scratcher!