Curly bright red hair Curly bright red hair

7 top tips to help you maintain your bold, bright red hair colour after dyeing

If you’re preparing to dye your locks, one of your top concerns is bound to be keeping up the luscious, bright red hair colour you’ve worked so hard to get. With a combination of carefully chosen hair care products, healthy habits and preventative measures, you’ll be able to maintain the colour for as long as possible!

7 top tips to help you maintain your bold, bright red hair colour after dyeing

A beauty dilemma faced by redheads the world over is how to keep your *bright red hair* from fading. This colour unfortunately fades more easily than others- but with a little extra TLC, you can keep your red hair glossy and vibrant. Read on to learn more about haircare for redheads.

 Wash intelligently

After colouring, wait at least 48 hours to shampoo to give the colour time to set. When you resume shampooing, wash as infrequently as possible. Try a spritz of dry shampoo in between washes, and when you do wash, use cool water to seal in the shine.


Your hair needs to be in tip-top shape to get the most from your *red hair colour*. Try using a leave-in conditioner before heading out for the day, and opt for a hydrating hair mask to protect your hair when lounging at the pool. Using these products *reduces fading* and keeps your *red hair* looking luscious and glossy for longer.

Use colour depositing shampoos and conditioners

Another way to help your colour stick is to choose a shampoo and conditioner that deposits colour, as this replenishes the colour lost during the wash – red hair products are designed to make *red hair care* easier. 


The glossier your hair is, the more pigmented it will look. High-shine glosses and serums enhance *colour vibrancy* for a bolder, brighter appearance in between colouring. 


*Redheads* will need a colour boost more frequently to keep up richness. For intense colours, look for products packed with chromatic pigments to produce a high impact colour like Nutrisse Ultra Colour. For a more natural hue

Stay healthy

Keep your hair in good health! Styling hair causes damage, reducing the shine and vibrancy of your coloured hair. Avoid using heated hair styling tools when possible. If you do have to fire up the tongs, make sure you use a protective spray on your hair beforehand. 

Protect from the sun

*Red pigments* are sensitive to light and can fade quickly with repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays, even in winter. Wrapping your hair up in a hat or scarf will help prolong its colour vibrancy.
By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to keep your *red hair bright*.