Hair colour Type

Garnier Nutrisse: Rich, deep, brilliant long-lasting colour. Deeply nourished hair. Perfect grey coverage.


Color Sensation Pack, patch test

What is a hair dye patch test? 4-step tutorial to do it with ease

Is it really necessary to do a *hair dye patch test* every time you decide to change your hair colour? Yes, yes and yes again. It's easy to shrug it off if you're reinventing yourself as a redhead (for the umpteenth time), but this is one step in the colouring process not to skip, ever. Even if you've been colouring your hair for ages, it's still always possible to have an allergic reaction to hair dye – even if you've used that exact same hair dye before. Allergic reactions are rare, but they can be severe – the patch test helps indicate potential reactions ahead of time. Luckily, it's super quick and easy to do.

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Removing hair colour from face

How to get hair dye off your face? Just follow our easy 5-step tutorial.

How do you *get hair dye off your face* in a hurry? Is your hair dye pampering session spoilt by some leftover stains? Dyeing your hair is always fun, but it can easily be marred by little mishaps. When this happens, just follow our five simple steps for putting it right. 

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Curly blonde hair, healthy hair

Using permanent hair colour to dye your tresses doesn’t need to damage your hair!

Have you ever wondered what kind of effect your *permanent hair colour* might be having on your luscious locks? The good news is that these days, there are ways to keep your coloured hair healthy and strong. So, it’s easier than ever to experiment with that platinum blonde, chestnut brown or even pastel pink shade you’ve been wanting to try! 

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