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Garnier x Red cross

Garnier is supporting the International Federation of the Red Cross to fight COVID -19

While COVID-19 is already a global pandemic, improving access to critical resources can help reduce the spread. This pandemic is putting the global health care system at risk. A strong collective response is critical to slow the spread of the virus.
COVID-19 disproportionately affects certain groups, and these individuals are more exposed to the virus, less able to access health care, and most impacted economically due to income loss. These individuals should not be forgotten. That’s why, at Garnier we are mobilized in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


To protect individuals who are working front line in the food distribution channel to make our daily life possible, Garnier is producing and distributing millions of units of hand sanitizers free of charge to all our food retailers’ employees worldwide.

Supporting our local heroes
Solidarity Production


Due to this exceptional context, we decided to give priority to the production of gels hand sanitizer for which have been implemented: a specific manufacturing process and a strengthening of protective measures for the safety of employees. Garnier paused the Micellar Water production to switch for Hand Sanitizer.


To support and to protect all the brave supermarket workers and improve their safety, our factories are producing hundreds of thousands of hand sanitizer gels per day. We’ll be giving away millions of hand sanitizer gel bottles to our local heroes.

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